Bank of Evil - formerly Lehman Brothers

Bank of Evil – formerly Lehman Brothers

If you haven’t seen Despicable Me this far, you must have been into the woods for far too long. Unbelievably funny and witty story with great attention to detail – really worth watching. Here is the webpage, it will give you the taste.

Anyway – one of the main characters, villain Gru goes to the bank for a loan. Since he is a villain,  he needs a loan for some really bad ideas to develop. So he goes to the Evil Bank – and the table above the secret entrance to the bank reads “The Evil Bank” and in small letters below that “formerly Lehman Brothers” – one of the four US biggest investment banks, that filed for bankruptcy in 2008. The fall of Lehman Brothers, who had enormous amount of so-called “toxic assets” and had over speculated on them,  is considered as one of the key elements that triggered the beginning of global economy crisis the erupted in late 2008. Having said that, this little scene, barely a second long, is just unbelievably clever and funny at the same time – mind you, this an animated movie for kids. Or is it?

And the whole scene:


PS: Another interesting story – I’m sure you are aware of new film, “The wolf of Wall Street” about Jordan Belfort.

Two interesting reads about this, rather disturbing film:

An open letter from Christina McDowell, a daughter of his former business partner, Tom Prousalis, to Jordan Belfort himself, and
a rather interesting impressions from the advance screening of the movie in the the Regal Battery Par theatre located right behind the Goldman Sacks office, packed with the finance audience.
Both well worth reading.

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