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Switch to HD quality at the bottom bar of the movie to get the most out of the it.

Home maki sushi making, shot with little compact cameraPanasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 or ZS7, as it is called in US. Poor lighting, but for what it is – this is one brilliant camera.

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Yup, it’s nearly ready. One more freezing and it’s good to go. And blimey – it’s really good. And it’s a lot of it.

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Day two of four. Stay tuned for more. So far, so good.

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Hell, that is scary. About five days of preparation, excellent sort of entertainment for Christmas.

How to cook bigos:


1 kg sauerkraut
1 kg white cabbage
600 grams of pork meat
300 grams of bacon
40 grams of Polish sausage
2 big onions

Additions: salt, pepper, laurel leaves, allspice, couple tea spoons of tomato puree (if bigos seems too little sour).

Shred white cabbage finely and boil it for a while. Pour out the water. Cut the sauerkraut into small pieces and boil in a little bit of water (not too much – remember: bigos is not a soup!). Mix white cabbage and sauerkraut together and cook for about 2 hours on a low flame. Add salt and pepper, laurel leaves, allspice and spices that can strengthen the taste (for example garlic).

Dice all the meat and fry it with diced onion on the pan (with oil). It is wise to fry pork meat separately but you can easily fry bacon and Polish sausage together. Afterwards add fried meat to cooked cabbage. Cook it together on a low flame. Remember to stir the mixtures frequently. If bigos is not sour enough you may add some tomato puree.

To get better taste of bigos people cook bigos in intervals of half an hour. The dish is even more delicious when reheated on the next days.

(recipe copied from http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art43070.asp by Barbara Swiech)

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If you never hear from me again, that will mean that things didn’t go the expected way. My first plum-cake.

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Also known as the “pumpkin soup”, the queen of the taste and simplicity.

Some potatoes, some pumpkin. Cook till soft for 20 minutes or so, mix with the blender, add salt and pepper. And you’re off.

Yes, sometimes it’s nice to get back home, dive into the freezer and start the oven.

Then, grab the pan, some olive’s oil, shrimps, garlic, some green discovered in the fridge, mix and fry it, cook some pasta, mix again, open the white wine and you’re ready. Nice?

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