It took Lego nearly 50 years to find out how to appeal to girls – and finally, they seem to got it right. Lego Friends series is a huge success. One of the last toys maker in the world, that unlocks the children’s creativity and engineering skills. Live long, Lego! But please, please! Move your factories away from China – it will affect the quality, sooner or later.

Lego Friends 41017

Lego Friends 41017

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Lego Technic 9396 is the biggest helicopter currently offered by Lego. Just completed, here are the first shots. It’s just like any big Technic – if you’re into this, you can’t get enough. Hours and hours of the best brain development related entertainment. Later I will add more pictures of it and the size comparison with the smaller, red rescue helicopter from Lego.

Lego Technic 9396 Helicopter

Lego Technic 9396 Helicopter

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Lego Technic vehicles - 9393 and vintage 8820

Lego Technic vehicles – 9393 and vintage 8820

Lego Technic is older, than you might think it is. The one on the left, is the most recent 9393 model, Tractor with lawn mover. The one on the right is the vintage 8820 rally car from 1990. 22 years of difference – still the same fun. And yes, once upon a time the were human figures in Lego Technic – they were much bigger than the ones you know, about three times taller. I will add more pictures later, box plus manual. Stay tuned.

Facebook censorship example - comment with link got blocked

Today I tried to post a comment on Facebook with a link I’ve found on Google – link directing to web hosted video streaming service. I have checked this service and it seems, that the standard video content is offered there (nothing adult oriented), for free, you do not need to solve any captcha nor they attack your computer with any viruses. So why Facebook has blocked this comment? Has it ever happened to you?

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What you see is the first pictures of iPad mini. I was not convinced to it, since I own iPad 2 – so why change something bigger to something smaller? But when I put my hands on it, I got enlightened – and I must say, it is brilliant. Elegant, small, surprisingly thin and light – and gosh, it’s fast, really fast. The screen, not Retina though – it’s very, very good. When you have a chance – have a look. It is worth it.

What you see on those pictures is a size comparison to old iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch.
What you at the very bottom – is what happens when we got carried away a little.

iPad mini first pictures - size comparison with old iPad 2

More pictures below.

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Werkgruppe Scharnhorst, der Festungsfront Oder-Warthe-Bogen - Panzerwerk 717 seen from the east

The Festungsfront Oder-Warthe-Bogen, also known as FFOWB or Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocniony, is the old German line of defence, comparable only with the Maginot Line in France. One of the most interesting piece of military architecture from the Second World War era. As seen on this picture Werkgruppe Scharnhorst, – Panzerwerk 717 is seen from the east side. The tree is post war, normally the bunker would be covered with the masking net. The 20P7 turrets are original, as most of the elements of this Panzerwerk.

Here you can read more on this line of defence and more on this Werkgruppe; for now only the German pages as they are the most accurate, I will add English links later.

Below you will find more pictures of this Werkgruppe, please click the images to see them bigger. Some of the pictures are overblown or have strange colour, this is done on purpose in order to increase the visibility of the architectural or technical elements of the bunkers. I will add more images later, if you have any question – feel free to ask me in the comments.

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I took a brilliant trip to the only research nuclear reactor working in Poland.

For now, enjoy the pictures – click them to see them bigger. I will add descriptions soon.

Cherenkov radiation visible inside of the research nuclear reactor Maria

Inside of the reactor, you can see the Cherenkov’s radiation with your own eyes.

nuclear research reactor control room - Swierk, Poland

Nuclear reactor Maria control room.

Research Nuclear Reactor Maria
Short facility description

• The high flux rector MARIA is a water and beryllium moderated reactor of 30 MW power level;
• Pool type reactor with pressurized fuel channels containing concentric tube assemblies of fuel elements;
• Fuel channels are situated in matrix containing beryllium blocks surrounded by graphite reflector;
• Main characteristics and data of MARIA reactor:

  • maximum power: 30 MW (th)
  • thermal neutron flux density: 2,5×10^14 n/cm^2 s
  • moderator: H2O, beryllium
  • reflector: graphite in Al
  • cooling system channel type

You can read more about the reactor here:

Excellent document from the operator of the reactor:

More pictures below.

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Noc w Instytucie Lotnictwa is a name of the great event held by the Aviation Instute in Warsaw, Poland. Once a year, they open all dors and aviation freaks and technology nerds gather to check what is new in the aviation industry.

For now, enjoy the pictures. I will add movies and more precision description later, when I am reconnected to the broadband.

CFM56-7B tubrofan jet engine casing

See more pictures below.

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The picture says it all: nuclear energy is by far the safest, cleaniest and most efficient way to get electric power. If you don’t get it, read the below, you can click the image to see it bigger. Later I will add the SI units conversion for those, who struggle to use a calculator.

Nuclear fuel single pellet energetic efficiency compared to coal, oil and gas.

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Google Map Maker start screen

Google Map Maker is a nice feature, that allows you to enrich Google maps with your local knowledge. At the end of the day, who knows better than locals, where the best ice cream shop is, or where is the local shop for local people? Are you local?

Go to and try it yourself.

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