iPhone 5S is out for some time now and today I decided to test one of its new features – slow motion camera. It’s really impressive, when you read the specs – 720p HD, 120 frames per second – in the mobile phone, mind you!

Below are the results – not edited in any way for the image quality improvement, only put together in iMovie. I must say – I am really impressed. Object is also very nice – garden birds, hand fed. I just love those creatures.

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Space shuttle Endeavour’s last trek across Los Angeles – what a sad day.


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LXXXV Anniversary of Polish Air Force Academy – Air Show.

Presentation of both jet fighters: F16 and MiG-29 followed by a simulated dogfight. See for yourself, who won.

Most recent DC shoes viral advert, Ken Block’s goofing around, episode five, the best so far.

I am really, really really waiting for the making of.

Following the presentation of Ph.D Fabiola Gianotti on confirmation of the existence of Higgs boson, one of the most important particles, chased by theoretical physicists for decades, there was a press conference, where Ph.D. Rolf Heuer, General Director of CERN, explains to the journalists, what exactly this Higgs boson is.


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Watch them here: http://www.lasy.gov.pl/bielik

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God’s Away On Business

Lego Technic 8261 – little car, perfect for a little experiment – stop motion video. Just to get a taste of the stop motion. The result – let’s say, decent – have a look at the video below.

Lego Technic 8261 - stop motion making of video

With big help from VJ Dominion I’ve put together another intro for One Monster Productions.

VJ Dominion is an amazing visual and audio artist, animator and music maker. Highly popular on YouTube, where is videos have millions of views and are widely shown on national television channels.

You can see his work on his website and on his YouTube channel

Back to the intro. As you can see, it has been denoised, stabilized, there are new effects for the lettering and so on. Any feedback is welcome, of course.

And here is old, noisy opening title for One Monster Productions.

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